Custom Timber Flyscreens

Doors and Windows made to your liking

Wooden fly screen doors are wooden frames with a mesh or another type of insect-proofing material. So they basically serve the same purpose as regular fly screen such as aluminium or fibreglass screens, just in wooden frames.

They are an attractive and effective way to protect your home from annoying bugs and flying insects while also allowing natural light, fresh air and ventilation through.

Why Choose Wood

Wood is the only readily renewable natural resource and it is increasing in reserves every year, making timber it the sustainable choice for your home.

Responsibly sourced wood is renewable. Certified forests and plantations will regrow and continue to provide sustainable timber, ongoing carbon storage and oxygen generation.

Small, Medium, and Large Window Prices

The Flyscreen Guy manufactures hinged and sliding timber flyscreen doors.  Our standard timber flyscreen doors are elegant and simple, however we can also accommodate your personal tastes and style by adding facing mouldings, push bars and other decorative elements.

We offer a selection of mesh including our standard mesh which is a high quality and durable, Aluminium mesh where it is a requisite for certain Bushfire Ratings or Council requirements, and Pawproof mesh which is always a good choice if you have pets or children.

Invest in the Comfort and Security of Your Home

Upgrade your windows with our premium remesh fly screens and security screens. Enjoy a bug-free environment, improved airflow, and added security. With our wide range of options and competitive prices, you can enhance the comfort and safety of your home without sacrificing style.

Transform your living space today and experience the benefits of our top-notch remesh fly screens and security screens. Don’t let insects or security concerns hold you back from enjoying the perfect ambiance in your home.